Lush Obsession

At least it is healthy hygiene obsession. 

Bath products my friends, wonderful, fresh handmade bath products. 

It all started when I met my dear, lovely, beautiful friend Jaye in Denver and she opened up a whole new world to me. These products are magical for self care and they make you smell oh so pretty. I was a little sad when I left Colorado, because they were opening up a new store in Denver and there was one in Boulder...I was right in the middle of the two! But this weekend, I just happened to be shopping at Ikea, when I was finished, I decided to walk around the outdoor mall area and BAM! I saw a Lush store. Ahhhh, sweet relief. Now, I don't have a ginormous bath tub anymore so I reframed from stocking up on bath bombs and bubble bars, but Lush has so much more. My favs...Buffy and Vanilla in the Mist were a must. Then I happened to be browsing the shower gels and came across Flying Fox. It was love at first sniff. I came home after work tonight and all I wanted to do was shower. 

And at least I will smell good after my Team in Training runs...10 miles this weekend!

Happiness in a bottle.  

And the box under the sink Chris may or may not know about...
he says he doesn't read this so we will find out!

Would it be weird to take multiple showers in one day?


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