Gimme Five!

Happy Labor Day! Yay for days OFF of work :) And how cool is this photo! It was taken during a Team in Training Run in Emeryville, CA. I'm having such a great time training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon to help benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the race happens to be occurring 6 weeks from yesterday!! I'm still working on my fundraising goal, there is still plenty of time to help!
1. Gimme 5 minutes of your time. Go to my website (Erica's Website), and read about what what I am doing.

2. Gimme 5 bucks. Just donate online. Five dollars for a great cause—and hey, if you want to donate more, fantastic!

3.Gimme 5 friends. Send this to five friends and help spread the word!

4. I've met at least 5 amazing people through Team in Training that have been helped by the funds I am raising, by donating, you can help 5 MORE!

5. Every 5 minutes someone new is diagnosed with a blood cancer, and that number is getting smaller. Money for research is desperately needed. Donate now!

 Thank you for all the continued support.


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