Do You Know The Muffin Man?

I feel like I'm turning into the muffin man. I just made another batch of muffins. This time, much less healthy and oddly enough not as tasty, so I won't share the recipe with you. I just googled chocolate chip muffins and tried my luck on a food.com recipe. I was going to make cookies, but having the muffins last week to take to work with me as a kind of second breakfast was so nice and I couldn't justify taking cookies as a second breakfast! I even continued my muffin streak this weekend in Blacksburg by enjoying a delicious lemon-raspberry muffin from one of Dan and I's favorite coffee shops, Bollo's. Plus muffins just seem really fall-esque to me and with the nice little cold snap here I've been craving some heartier, warmer type meals...not that a muffin constitutes a meal! Tomorrow I'm going to make some porkchops and potato-apple mash...see I do make food other than muffins. I'll let you know how it turns out. Now I'm turning in for the night since I'm extra sleepy from my drive back to Baltimore last night and an extra early work day this morning.


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