Wipeout and Charlottesville

This past weekend was fairly eventful if you don't count Friday night which I spent on my couch snuggling with Harper and Mav!

Saturday morning was an early one! I got in a 7 miler with some great BoMF teammates. We took it fairly easy because we had to prepare for the 3rd annual Wipeout. This was my first experience with the event and although I had to leave early, it was great fun. All of the Baltimore BoMF teams along with a DC team had a huge field day and competed against one another. My team, Christopher's Place took home 3rd overall.

After wipeout, I hopped int the car and headed to Charlottesville, VA and met up with Dan and his family. And I must say, what a fabulous little town! Charlottesville is surrounded by VA wine country and also has several good micro breweries. Our first stop was Jefferson Vineyards. We did the tasting as well as enjoyed their cab franc and their merlot. Then we headed to Blue Mountain for dinner, a sunset, and a double IPA. Clearly, I only had one! Later that evening we went to the downtown pedestrian mall and caught the encore by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds who were playing an acoustic concert at the amphitheater. Sunday morning we toured around UVA and saw Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room and had a delicious lunch (not at EAP's dorm room!) before everyone headed back to their respective cities.

And today I survived my first (and hopefully my last, unless I'm visiting Erica or Catie in CA) earthquake!


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