Utah, The Final Days:

Guardsman's Pass

why not do cartwheels on the saltflats?
After all of the wedding festivities were over, we had about a day and half to explore before heading back east. 

Sunday morning we got up very early and drove the Guardsman's Pass. Very worth the sleepiness later. Then we met our friend Amber Rae for breakfast in SLC. It was great getting to see her while we were out there! Since she only lives about 2 hours from SLC and was going to be there to pick up some family from the airport, it worked out perfectly! Then we did a mini road trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats and since it was only 4 miles from the border we drove into Wendover, NV! Now that was some exciting stuff...

Wendover casino

Wendover Willie
That night we ate at Squatter's and then watched our most favorite show ever, Swamp People. I know, I know, we really lived it up on our last night in SLC.

We woke up early on our last half day and hiked parts of the Wasatch before heading back to Red Iguana one last time before we had to be at the airport. It was a fabulous vacation and wedding weekend and we can't wait until we can plan our next trip back to Utah!


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