Summer Reading

This has been the summer of reading, one of my favorite pastimes! Here's a roundup of what I've read so far:

People of the Book - I saw this book in a box of book's that Dan's grandpa had given to him. It was on my list of books I wanted to read, so I yoinked it. It was a good, quick read. It read much like how DaVinci code read and had some historical fiction intertwined with fiction. The main character tells her story in present day and every now and then there's a jump to the past to tell the story of how the book was created and the journey it had been on. I'd give it 3.5 stars or so.

The Effects of Light - I picked this book up from a farmer's market in Kure Beach, NC over 4th of July weekend. The best thing about it was that it was only 25cents! It's actually a pretty decent read. I read this one pretty quickly as well. It's about art, photography, and the fine line of child pornography. Don't let that deter you as it's a good story and makes you think about art and our culture and society. It can get a bit philosophical at times but all in all is a great summer read (or winter!).

The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind - This is Loyola's shared reading for the incoming class of 2015. The idea is that all the students will read this book and then during move-in weekend their is a seminar and small group discussions. A lot of the freshman level courses also use the book in their curriculum. The author William Kamkwamba will be speaking at Loyola this weekend. The book is Kamkwamba's memoir detailing his life in an African village and how with the help of his school's library and some willpower he built a windmill and created electricity for his family. It's a great inspirational read if you need a little motivation to get out there and do something you've maybe had on your list of "things to accomplish" for awhile.

A Confederacy of Dunces - I'm currently reading this. It had been on my list for awhile and then Erica read it recently, so naturally when I saw it on Dan's shelf one weekend, I yoinked it too (I asked first!) I'm about 150 pages in and it's hilarious! I'm glad I finally got around to picking it up. 

Happy reading! 



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