So Good.

What a great weekend!

Things that are awesome: Lattes that are as big as my head, Bree and Dirk, My Husband, Team in Training (new post there too), The Golden Gate Bridge (fog not so awesome, but authentic), and Tornado Beers, oh and also Earthquake Warnings. Kinda a long list for such a short weekend. 

See weekend in photos below.

 Sushi Friday Night
 Self explanatory 
 First time I've been over the bridge. Bree 
and I sang the "Full House" theme song.
 For real fog, not for fake.
 Bree and her awesome SF hat.
Life is good. 

Who's going to be my next visitor??


  1. Handsome looking visitors!

  2. You guys were the best hosts ever!!!!! Thank you!!!!!


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