It's the little things

This week was a big week. I got a library card!! I know, I know - nerd alert. But it's the small things in life that make me really, really happy. I could spend hours getting lost in the hundreds of books surrounding the walls of the old smelly libraries around town (you know the musty, book smell I'm talking about right?). Ahh...just thinking about it makes me smile. It was such a relief to finally get it too. I was itching to get a new book and I HATE buying them. I had to wait until I could prove I lived in California so that meant I had to wait until the first month's bills arrived in mail (only time I will ever be happy to get the bills). So I went on Sunday and perused the many options in front of me. I was a little ambitious. I ended up leaving with 4 huge books. Although one is a cook book, so I guess that doesn't count.  Ok, three big books. Still a lot for me at one time. So here I go...

Now reading... The Price of Tides by Pat Conroy, then Gringos by Charles Portis (author who wrote True Grit, which I also read...good read), and then I have Incendiary by Chris Cleave. I'm on hold for A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan but I think I am number 67 or something crazy, so that one will be awhile. 

I have a long list...but you can check it out on my Goodreads page. It is basically Facebook for book nerds. It is pretty awesome. 


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