Happy Birthday Christopher!

This past weekend Chris and I celebrated his 28th birthday! It is crazy to think about how old we are getting. I was thinking back to when we celebrated his 21st birthday in Destin, FL back in college. Time flies!

Anyway, on Friday, we just wanted to relax so we made some of Chris’s favorite foods. Baked Mac and Cheese with Grilled Corn and Dark Chocolate Brownies….can’t go wrong right? (I added broccoli for some greenJ) Then we played board games on the patio until it got dark.

Saturday I ran a 6 miler with Team in Training. It was amazing – I had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge most of the way. My run was in Emeryville (near Oakland) and it was pretty foggy in the morning, but the sun was shinning on the Bridge and it literally looked like it was glowing. I tried to take a photo, but it didn’t come out well. Any way, it was such a good view for the run. And, I haven’t run that far since I broke my foot in February! So it was a little milestone for me. Yay!

After my run, we decided to head to Santa Rosa. It is a cute little town about an hour (without traffic) northish of our house near wine country. Chris wanted to go to Russian River Brewery. They have great beers and delicious pizza. After that, we headed to Pacheco where the Brewing Network broadcasts their shows. Chris’s boss was doing his “Brew Strong” show and invited us down. Of course, they talked about brewing and all the geekery surrounding it. Love it.

Here are some photos of our beer sampler from Russian River!


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