Goodbye Saturday Morning Cartoons

I've decided to give up my Saturday mornings. Crazy, I know. I don't watch the cartoons any more, but when I was a kid, there would be no flipping way I would give them up.  But now is different. Now it is for a good cause and a good race, so ya know - it's ok with me. Since I have a 8am-5pm schedule now and for the most part I won't have to work the weekends, I figured it was the perfect time to sign up for a training group for running. I really wanted to start meeting people and get to know the community - what better way right? Every time I went into a coffee shop, or store, I kept seeing Team in Training fliers and decided to go to the info meeting last weekend - and ended up committing myself until mid-October and raising $2000 for cancer. I have never fund raised before for a race so this will all be very new to me, but like I said, it is for a GREAT cause. 

I signed up to do the Nike's Women's Half Marathon on October 16, 2011. Apparently, I also get a sweet Tiffany necklace handed to me by a fire man at the end of the race. 
So no more sleeping in on Saturday mornings. 

And this is the start of many pleads to help me raise money. My goal is $2,000! You can help by visiting my fundraising page and make a donation. 

To prove I got up early...here is a photo of my watch from this Saturday, which was my first training session (an easy 2 miler). 


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