Portis, Quinoa, and Mac & Cheese

This weekend I stayed in Baltimore for a nice relaxing weekend which turned out to be pretty exciting after all. Friday I finished The Dog of the South by Charles Portis. After spending 7 months, that's right, 7 months reading Midnight's Children by Salmon Rushdie, it only took me about a week to finish the Portis novel. You probably recognize Portis for True Grit (also a great read). I highly recommend Dog of the South. It had me chuckling out loud for most of the book.

Saturday morning was my course supported long run for the BRF followed by a very long nap flanked by both of my animals, Mav and Harper. They didn't even do anything to deserve that nap! Then I went to a housewarming BBQ for my newly engaged friends Amy and Scott. I made a variation of this recipe with strawberries instead of mango, mostly because I don't know how to cut a mango! And it was all gobbled down minus one scoop! It was my second time making the salad, the first time with the mango for July 4th. I had an excellent mango cutter at the time! The recipe came from Veggiebelly, a blog that Erica introduced me to. I've got several other recipes lined up that I want to try. 

Sunday was spent watching the women's world cup and being heartbroken that they lost. And then enjoying the last few hours of Artscape. The country's largest free arts festival, and they weren't kidding! I was there for 3 horus and only saw about 1/3 of the booths/vendors/acts/etc. My favorite part of the evening had to be dinner. I LOVE FAIR FOOD, so Artscape was like heaven to me, especially since they had lots of food trucks in addition to the traditional fair food vendors. I decided on a grilled cheese with mac and cheese and bacon on it from the Grr Che truck. 3 of my favorite foods combined into one? HEAVENLY!  I also saw lots of items I wanted to purchase but I stuck to my guns, and only walked away with one item, which I love!

Oh and did I mention that all of this was done with Chris Connelly? NBD.


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  1. How were the strawberries compared to with the mango?? I would have never thought to use them...I am out of blueberries right now, but have everything else. That salad is so yummy!!


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