Hello IKEA...nice to finally meet you!

One of the things I was most excited about doing this week was visiting IKEA. It is in a town called Emeryville, CA which is about 30 mins from our new home. I have never been to one before, but I have always heard it is amazing! I didn't have much of a game plan when I headed out the door this morning, but figured I'd pick up a few things to fill the spaces in our new home. Little did I know! THIS PLACE IS HUGE! I spent the first hour and a half just looking at things, mostly furniture...come to find out, that was only the first floor!! For those who have never been there before either, it is set up so you look at things, and write them down on a shopping list to pick up in a warehouse. When I went to fill out my list - I got a bit overwhelmed trying to think of what I REALLY needed and where it should go in the house. Then I stumbled upon the second floor, which was flooded with accessories. Oh boy...so I walked around that floor for nearly another hour trying to put pieces together. Then I kinda freaked. I honestly don't know why. I just plopped my cart down and walked out the door. I was hungry and tired after several hours of browsing and figured I needed a better game plan before I made a decision. Plus I didn't want to put everything together at home and hate it and have to return it all. I needed to be sure.

I decided to go to a few more shops in the area then head on home before rush hour. I came home and made a delightful grilled cheese for myself and over all felt good about not buying anything for the day. It wasn't wasted...it was just research.


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