The Great Outdoors

This past weekend I went down to Blacksburg, VA to visit Dan. Blacksburg is a really small college town but has really great outdoors things to do. When he comes to Baltimore, we do city things and when I go to Blacksburg, we do mountain things. It's a pretty awesome balance. 

We had planned to ride our(his) bicycles to New River Junction and float down the river on Saturday, but a mini thunderstorm stalled us after our ride to downtown Blacksburg, so we played darts and ate tots instead. Really, it was a win/win situation. On our ride back to his house...well let's just say that when someone who rides frequently at dusk asks if you want to stop and get out the lights you should probably stop and get out the lights! I'm pretty sure that was the fastest (newbie) bicycle ride I've had thus far!

Sunday's plans didn't get foiled and we hiked The Cascades for the second time since he's lived there. It's a beautiful 4mile roundtrip hike that ends at a waterfall. Last summer, I refused to swim in the icy cold water. I'm happy to say that this time I sucked it up and got in with maybe only a little coaxing from Dan. Next time, I'll go sit in the waterfall. Baby steps! We finished our weekend off by grilling some delicious grass-fed beef hamburgers from the Bburg's farmer market.


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