March Adventures

March is supposed to come in like a lion out like a lamb right? Opposite here. It was warm and sunny most of the month. I tried to take advantage of patio/cocktail time as much as possible. But towards the end it was all like "Gotcha. Don't enjoy that weather too much yet..."

Here's my March life...


Spicy Arugula Walnut Pesto

Sunday brunch. One of my very favorite times to eat. You get to sleep in as long as you want, eat an enormous amount of mostly breakfast related food mid-day, and there's usually a cocktail on the side. What's not to love. My favorite part of brunch; catching up with old friends. It's good. Real good.

This weekend, my dear friend Morgan was in town and I was so happy to meet her at Bar Tartine for a lovely meal. Morgan is first a friend, but also a fellow blogger and food lover, which is one thing that has kept us (and our stomachs) connected for several years. 


Homemade Tahini

Tahini has to be one of my favorite condiments out there. 

Besides olive oil. 

And salt. 

Ok, it comes in as a strong #3. 

So what is tahini any way? It's simply sesame seed butter.  They are typically hulled sesame seeds ground up to make the paste or butter consistency. I choose to roast mine and blend them with a touch of salt. It is a very similar process of making peanut butter, which is also a favorite of mine. 


The Cooking Cure: Days 6 & 7

I'm now on week 2 of the Cooking Cure. Because I had to work over the weekend, I think I got thrown off a bit with my challenges. Good thing I did a little extra last week and remembered to write down my lunches ahead of time. It wasn't cheating, it was just doing extra homework. Promise. Here's days 6 and 7!

Day 6: Lunches last week
Assignment: Make a list of them. Everything you ate last week for lunch.


The Cooking Cure: Day 5 and the weekend

The Cooking Cure Continues!!

Day 5: Friday, March 7th
Assignment: Make Breakfast

Friday was easy because I had breakfast planned already. I made a batch of granola last Sunday, so I was still working on that with some fresh almond milk and honey. So damn good. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a photo. I think I inhaled it all too quickly. I don't have much patience in the morning. Don't make me wait to eat my breakfast. I get grouchy.

The Weekend!
Assignment: Plan breakfast for next week.

Saturday and Sunday were work days for me, so this threw my assignments off a bit. But, since this whole week was about breakfast, I feel the need to share my Saturday experience with you. Before I went to work, I enjoyed a lovely morning with my dear friend, Jessica, and about 20 strangers at a home in Oakland. The event was call "The Breakfast Club" and it was put on through Wild-Soul. Remember when I did that Yoga Farm to Table day, well, it's the same people. This was totally out of the box for me, but so much fun. It was prepared by the darling chef, Tina Dang. She put so much love and energy into the food and it was all so amazing. Seriously. I think I said, "this is sooo good" like every five seconds. But it was. So there.

Monday happened to be my day off this week and I totally took advantage of my day at home.
I usually prep meals each week,  but over the past few months, life has been busy, so my meal prep and planning has gone by the way side. This cooking cure has put me back in the mode. Now, I'm baaaacckkkk.

Prep, prep, prep.

I try to make a plan before the prep...

I made (this includes some things for snacks and dinners throughout the week too):
Hard cooked eggs
Almond milk
Almond meal
Washed arugula
Dried mango
Chia Pudding
Mac and Cheese (for Chris)

The eggs and chia pudding are my new additions to my breakfast routine this week. I'm a little nervous that the chia isn't going to fill me up so I am going to plan on making a smoothie to go along with it.

I'm really excited for the eggs. How beautiful are they? I read a recipe in Super Natural Every Day that suggests a drizzle of olive oil and dukkha. So yum.

Ok, let me ask about the egg thing. Who's got a good secret to peeling these suckers. I hate when they look like craters. It's probably my OCD personality, but they are so ugly then they don't peel clean. Let me know your tricks.

The big thing I read about was tip to use older eggs.

These were about 10 days old. Here's hoping for crater free eggs.

Onto next weeks assignments!



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